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Relay Modern rewriteについてのメモ

We still had that long backlog of ideas, but we knew that we were adding to the tail of the queue faster than we were shifting from the head of it. It was a scary prospect, but we came to the conclusion that it was time to burn it all down and rewrite the thing from scratch. We knew we had to unlock performance wins that would require drastic changes, and rewriting was the only way we were going to be able to do it before old age, senility and burn-out took us out of the game. A risky move — big rewrites are often warned against for a reason — but we felt like we had to take the gamble. In doing the rewrite, we knew that the risk of failure (in typical “Second System Syndrome” fashion) was real, but inaction would have led to certain failure.

Building Relay Modern · wincent.com


Relay Modernはかなりの書き直しだったそうだ。システムの書き直しにチャレンジしたことがある身としては、上記の段落の葛藤がそのまますぎてグッときた。成功してよかったなぁ。